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Subject to choke

2012-09-09 00:38:07 by Velada

Is anything anywhere, or are the cows calculated on mondays?

Pixel veins

2011-11-16 08:29:23 by Velada

The Kazak art of fly-by digging returns Wi-Fi to airline food.


2011-11-01 07:53:23 by Velada

So i got 0-bombed for a while, was fun. But hey, im slowly getting back up there. Thanks for your support.


2011-09-21 05:32:02 by Velada

I find myself burried in work lately, no time to quest for a vision. Though when else but in september is one to experience the Earth's curture, right?



2011-05-25 04:51:22 by Velada

I hate Mondays so much, that they keep bothering me on a Wednesday.